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Home Fiesta Online DemonBlitzKragor's Fiesta Online Fighters – The . For a DD build, be it Knight or Gladiator, you can do either Full. fiesta Online Fighter guide and tips. MineFudge . Fiesta Online PvP: Hiiyori_ Vs Regys (Knight Vs. Fiesta Online. Rambling about stat build for newbies. Fiesta Online - PVP Level 92 Crusader vs Level Depending on what you want to be, GLADIATOR or KNIGHT, you will have to empower 1h or 2h skills. Send a private message to MikeyG. The basic point of this type of fighter is to gain as much aggro from the monsters so that they will not attack your other team mates while they rain down destruction. You will have less Cool Down and more power each time you switch to this. Keep this in mind when you go looking for green and blue armor. Can anyone help me out? Full CoolDown is extremely helpful. Crush your enemy with precision strikes increasing your hit-ratio with a dual-hand weapon. It can be empowered for higher levels as well, but points may be more wisely used for other skills. I believe its the 2nd job change you can get vitality skill more info on vitality skill…. If you want to be an Aggro-Based Knight, empowering both full CoolDown and full Damage is a must. You will have less Cool Down and more power each time you switch to this. Der Skill hat keine weiteren Effekte, sondern macht nur Schaden.

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This cost is put to great use, however, as the Gladiator can overwhelm enemies and defeat them often before being hurt. Find More Posts by MikeyG. Allerdings verursacht das Einhandschwert auch den mit Abstand geringsten Schaden und hat den niedrigsten Kritwert. Decreases your opponent's damage. Now another thing is that, since the damage in Fate is going to be high, you could just make your char pure end or 25 spr rest end.

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